Beauty and the Demon - Aurora Ascher


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In this story, he’s the villain, not the hero…Murmur, the nefarious Necromancer, is losing his mind. His army of souls screams in his head, and his dreams are filled with bone-chilling visions of his approaching death. But a villain always has a plan, and his will unleash a torrent of destruction unlike anything Hell has seen before…But for his plot to succeed, he requires one final ingredient: the blood of a certain headstrong witch, who quickly becomes a complication he never saw coming.This heroine can rescue herself…Suyin, leader of the Montreal coven, hides her dread beneath a tough exterior. Unusual abilities she can’t explain are taking over her life, and she’s haunted by ominous dreams.Her fears are realized when she’s captured by a demon with bloodshot eyes and a scorpion tail. Murmur plans to leave her in his dungeon, but Suyin has no intention of making this easy for him. Bargaining with demons is dangerous business, but she’ll do anything to survive.Enemies may become lovers, but fate has other plans.Forced into close proximity, things begin to shift between Suyin and her captor. But as the Necromancer’s machinations reach a pinnacle, he is faced with an impossible choice: achieve his master plan, or free the woman who resurrected his dormant soul.

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