Swallow Your Pride - Sarah Blue


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He’s not just attractive, kind, and self-aware. He’s also my boss, and my dead father’s best friend.I had been running from my past, thinking that connecting with my family in Florida was what I needed to find myself. Instead, I’m at a funeral and being gifted shares of a company I didn’t even know existed.Some office flirtation turns into longing, which turns into desperation for one another. When our tension reaches its peak, it’s clear we can’t hold back this attraction, and it nearly feels too good to be true. A man who’s not only eager to please but willing to learn what excites me.I’ve always wanted someone who wanted to take care of me, and it seems like Aiden Carlson is more than eager to let me call him daddy. I just hope our secret office romance or the past I’ve been running from doesn’t ruin the best thing I’ve ever had.

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