Infernium (hardcover) - Keri Lake


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Pain is an abyss.How naive of me to think I’d already reached the very depths of it when fate shook my world with a crushing blow. It turns out, there are fathomless levels of pain, like a winding labyrinth of doors leading to shadowy figures and long-forgotten secrets. The kind of inescapable descent into madness that twists nightmares into reality.What lies at the end of this obscure path I have yet to discover, but where it begins, is a place called Infernium. An asylum, feared by those in Nightshade and untrodden by the angels who’ve forsaken its many lost souls.Some say it’s the gateway to hell.Others believe it’s where you go when the last flicker of hope dies out.For me, it’s where I’ve damned myself for eternity–my penance for a crime against the heavens, and home to the demons that claw at my mind.Yet, not even they stand a chance against my dark angel, Jericho. He fears nothing. Except losing me.The longer I remain trapped, though, the stronger this darkness inside of me grows. A duality dividing my heart between love and revenge.And, soon, saving me may no longer be an option.

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