Thief - S Massery


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I wasn’t supposed to be at Olympus that night.And I definitely wasn’t supposed to witness a murder – or be caught by the killers.Hades, Apollo, and Ares run the mysterious, masked fight club, and they wield more power in this town than I could dream of holding. They destroy my life with one decree: Kora Sinclair doesn’t exist.Sterling Falls was my chance to start over, but one night derails everything.My scholarship, my job – gone.I could run home, but giving up my dreams isn’t an option.Desperate times call for desperate measures.When I can’t repay my debt to an unforgiving man, he gives me a choice. I can steal Hades’ mask, or he can take what I owe from my flesh.But if I do this, there’s no turning back. More than the fear of his threats, revenge drives my decision. I need to steal the mask.After all, who better to become a thief than the girl they tried to erase?

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