A Soul to Revive - Opal Reyne


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All Emerie ever wanted was redemption.When a monster comes to Zagros Fortress, Emerie is tasked with capturing him. She never would have gone through with it had she known their treatment of him would be inhumane, nor can she stand by and allow it to continue.Unfortunately, agreeing to help him in his goal may not have been the wisest choice. Along the way, he manages to charm her, and what she once found frightening becomes utterly titillating instead.All Ingram ever wanted was revenge.After a traumatic event, Ingram does something foolish. He seeks out aid in his quest for retribution, only to find himself in the clutches of enemies who wear Demon-like uniforms. They’re all cruel – except for her.She is as beautiful as she is broken, but in a way that soothes his own pain. He’s never desired a female of his own, yet her sensuality fiercely calls to him. He starts wanting more, while lacking the humanity to truly understand what he seeks.Will Ingram be able to forgive Emerie for what she has done to him, and erase her doubts at the same time?

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