Latte Darling - SJ Tilly


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I have a nice life - living in my hometown, owning the coffee shop I’ve worked at since I was 16.It’s comfortable.On paper.But I’m tired of doing everything by myself. Tired of being in charge of every decision in my life.I want someone to lean on. Someone to spend time with. Sit with. Hug.And I really don’t want to go to my best friend’s wedding alone.So, I signed up for a dating app, and agreed to meet with the first guy that messaged me.And now here I am, at the bar.Only it’s not my date that just sat down in the chair across from me. It’s his dad.And holy hell, he’s the definition of Silver Fox. If a Silver Fox can be thick as a house, have piercing blue eyes and tattoos from his neck down to his fingertips.He’s giving me Big Bad Wolf vibes. Only instead of running, I’m blushing. And he looks like he might just want to eat me whole.

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