Mountains Divide Us - Greta Rose West


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Sheriff’s Deputy Frank Sims has had his eye on the spunky new librarian since she stepped foot in the stacks, but the grump’s not much of a talker, just ask him—he won’t answer. Plus, there’s a glaring age gap between them, and everybody in their small town seems to have an opinion about it, but he couldn’t care less about gossip.Until it’s his name on Samantha’s lips.Sam Russo loves the rural ranch town she spent summers in as a kid, and when she moves there to take a job at the library, it feels like home. Now, while she can admire the good deputy’s boulder-like shoulders, thick, tousled gray hair, and the secret smile he gives her that’s as warm as sunshine on a cold spring day, she’s trying to keep her distance.What would an older man like Frank Sims want with her anyway?Frank dreams of something Sam can’t give him, and that sets them apart more than any age difference. A compromise could solve the problem—if they can keep their hands off each other long enough to see it.

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