Saddled with Finesse - Zea Kayleigh Galan


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It was just supposed to be a welcome home party.A few drinks to celebrate my temporary return.Then, he showed up…Cory Whitfield.I don’t have time for any of his complications, when I have so many of my own.If only my body could remember that.When he offers to take me home after one too many blue-colored mixed drinks, I try to resist him…I really do.Somehow, we end up sharing a kiss that makes me break all my rules.My past is dark and my future is even more murky. Someone, who I thought would make my dreams come true, proved to me that relationships are only worth what they can give you.Getting involved with Cory is dangerous for both of us. But, he showed me that what I thought about relationships was all wrong.Can I protect him from what haunts me, and keep the love he’s shown when my past won’t stay behind me?


All I wanted was a fresh start.I’m tired of trying to be everywhere at once.My sons deserve more and I’m going to give that to them.Aunt Jan wants me to stay with her in Alpenglow Ridge for the summer, and try to pursue my dream of starting my own landscaping company.My first contract is with a cattle ranch. It’s going to be my ticket to gaining the trust of other potential clients in this town.Everything was going well until I met the angel that saw me more clearly than any person has in years…Reese Mason.She is out of my league. Stunning and sexy beyond measure.She is the type of woman who makes men lose their minds.Her reputation is hard to escape, but I can’t believe those rumors.This woman is unlike anyone I’ve ever known.Just one kiss and I’m sure.I’ll do anything to keep her.Will my love for Reese be enough to save her from her past?

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