Vengeful Gods (Discrete Alternative) - Elliott Rose


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In this story, there are three beasts and I am their blood debt owed.The Anguis, a secret society of power-hungry individuals, have long controlled Port Macabre from their seat at Noire House. A place where the wealthy rub shoulders and chase hedonistic pleasures. However, behind the mansion’s facade lies a poisonous, hidden underworld.With my father now gone, I am the sole heir to Noire House. They wanted his head, instead, these ruthless men settled for taking me.I thought I had successfully escaped the curse of my bloodline, but I’ve been dragged back into the devious, twisted world of the Anguis. To protect the ones I love, I must allow these men to parade me around and claim me as theirs.Locked away in their remote, forest-bound fortress, I am nothing more than a possession to control. To them, my life–and future–represents payment in kind and vengeance they’ve been denied.In the world of the Anguis, death is the only way out, and these men are handsome grim reapers dressed in fine suits.But as their heated looks and rough, blood-stained hands become more alluring each day, giving in to their games becomes a temptation I can’t avoid.Lines are blurred and longing spills over as I quickly find myself craving their darkness.I can’t succumb to three beautiful monsters… Can I?

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