Sweet Inferno - Elliott Rose


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The first stand-alone novella - introducing you to the Nocturnal Hearts series by Elliott Rose…Highly trained, deadly, and three hundred years old. Fehrn is a shifter wolf out to complete his reconnaissance mission.Elite Spy.Warrior.Rational.He has been watching her for weeks. Determined to extract information about the dark witches she is loyal to.But when the moment to get close enough occurs he breaks his code, throwing the rules out to agree to her bargain.***Comfortable alone, quietly devoted, and grateful to the masters who sheltered her from an orphan’s destitution. Idalia hides her true self.Fire Witch.Telepath.Dutiful.Alone in this world, she has kept her secret her whole life. Staying safe and unassuming. Completing her role in the castle of the House of Elharean without question.But when the claws that threaten her neck one night also threaten to rip down the walls around her heart, she strikes a bargain.The only problem is, she just lied.Before he discovers the truth she’d better hope her heart doesn’t betray her.

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