The Queen's Temptation - Elliott Rose


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He’s her bodyguard, and she’s committed to her crown.Charmer. Rogue. Protector.In his three hundred years Niall of Nocturne had never pretended to be a good man–or Witch for that matter.It was meant to be a moment of hedonistic pleasure, until the beautiful Fae he met in the tavern that night ran away after just one kiss.It should have been simple. Pure pleasure. No emotions attached.No matter how gorgeous or captivating she was, he shouldn’t be thinking of her still. The mysterious woman he now can’t get out of his mind no matter how hard he tries.The one who just walked into the room wearing a crown.His mission was supposed to be simple: act as personal bodyguard and magical escort to the soon-to-be crowned Queen of the Fae.The problem is… now that he’s had a taste of the forbidden, can he bring himself to let her go?***Fierce. Duty-bound. Queen.Ruby inherited a crown dripping with the blood of her lineage. A royal bloodline bound for eons by an ancient curse.She was never meant to sit on the Fae throne.While the alluring, roguish Witch might have easily seduced her that night, she came to her senses the moment their kiss was interrupted.It was meant to be one last night of personal freedom before fulfilling her duty. A future sacrificed indefinitely to the crown and bound to an unwanted political betrothal.Discovering her fated mate was never part of the plan.Neither was finding her handsome stranger waiting for her in the Fae Court. The Witch now entrusted with being her round the clock protection as Queen.Now temptation has left her no choice… the curse placed on Fae Royals will always claim its victims. She’ll do everything in her power to ensure her mate never discovers the truth.

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