Vicious Cravings - Elliott Rose


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She wants to restore her power… they want to find their missing piece.Healer. Claimer of Souls. The Mortala.Keeping secrets was a language Nelloix spoke fluently. Making sure those secrets–the kind a witch like her could only evade for so long–stay hidden is the only way to prevent the nightmares of her past from catching her.She dared break away from those who sought to bind her power for eternity. Her punishment? A shattered heart to match her broken magic. Swearing off love, fate, and bonding with another being in order to keep both herself and others safe from the curse within.Time has nearly run out, unless she can find the elusive ingredient she needs for a potion. A botanical extract so rare, Nell might as well abandon all hope…When shadows from the past find her, what if it’s too late to outrun fate ?Predators. Monsters. Vampires.Mischief and order. Light and dark. Two fated mates desperate to find the third member of their soul bond. But some mysteries were meant to remain concealed.Love casts the deepest scars. Both Hunter and Ace have been torn apart by a witch before. Will they be able to overcome their greatest fears–the darkest parts of their own vampiric natures–when their world collides with a mystifying green-eyed witch.The one who seeks something only they can provide…Dark cravings pull on an invisible thread weaving three souls together, but will they survive the forces threatening to tear them all apart?

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