Brutal Birthright - Elliott Rose


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He’s a warlord… and she’s the one he cannot claim.Black-hearted warrior.Ruthless in battle.… Professor?Rowan of Nocturne has no desire to join the academic staff at Astracadia Academy. But when tragedy strikes, his only option is to step into the training arena and commit to a role that makes his skin crawl. For an entire, torturous year.Three centuries of having blood on his hands has taken a brutal toll. All he wants is to be left the fuck alone.He sure as shit doesn’t need the distraction of the pretty fae he can’t get out of his mind. Especially one he is forbidden from touching.***Talented fighter.Sister to the Queen.…Student?Oriana has one goal in mind. Succeed in reaching the elite Astral ranks, where only the strongest few from amongst the student candidates will be chosen. One year of sucking it up and being enrolled at Astracadia will finally allow her to prove herself.The only problem is, the witch in command–the heavily tattooed brute overseeing the training arena–is out to humiliate her at every turn. He thinks she’s nothing more than a mouthy, irresponsible little girl. But she’s already survived one battle with Rowan of Nocturne, and she won’t allow him to ruin this opportunity for her.No matter how often he consumes and invades her dreams.However, outside the academy walls there are bigger problems than an illicit connection between teacher and student. Something dark is coming for them all. A portal to an unknown realm has been opened. The scent of battle lingers in the air.Nothing can sway either of them from their mission… until one stolen moment, one kiss, changes everything.

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