1st March 2024

Hi hi... thank you SO MUCH for dropping by to check in on the latest on our online store!

The short version: I'm working my little smut-loving ass off to have it up and running as soon as possible.
(Insert *please-forgive-me* eyes here)

The long version: We've had more than a couple of complications - such is life in bringing in these books that have to be imported - half our latest re-stock (over 7 boxes!) went missing to the other end of the country for several weeks, which was an unexpected curve ball to handle that slowed down my progress on getting stock loaded onto the website. Throw in publishing my latest book, running our pop-up days... you get the picture. I want to make sure you are all getting THE BEST experience possible when we open the doors to shop with us. So if you can hang in there a smidge longer, I know I said February and we were oh-so-close to making it happen!

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For those of you eagerly waiting - here's just some of the Authors you can expect to find when we do open up our online store. With more to come who I am contacting directly to get books from them (particularly a host of NZ Romance Authors who I am eagerly waiting to stock for you all)

BrittAndrewsStephanieArcherJenniferArmentroutAuroraAscherLaurenAsherSarahBlueJBreeCarissaBroadbentKerriganByrneHDCarltonSaraCateChloeChastaineJadeChurchKresleyColeJulietteCrossRosieDananGianaDarlingCCDavieRubyDixonPenelopeDouglasElleDrewVeronicaEdenEden/SaxonFinley/JamesJTGeissingerPamGodwinLilyGoldAdalynGraceKaylaGrosseKarinaHalleBaileyHannahDeborahHarknessMelanieHarlowKateHealyElizabethHelenAnaHuangAmeliaHutchinsAmoJonesElleKennedyRavenKennedyRinaKentSadieKincaidSantanaKnoxJaclynKotKeriLakeSophieLarkHarleyLarouxChristinaLaurenTiaLouiseBeccaMackSMasseryCatharinaMauraEmilyMcintireCaseyMcQuisitonAlexisMenardSav RMillerJeneaneO'ReillySummerO'TooleLanaPecherczykCaroline/SusannePeckham/ValentiChloePenarandaMarielPomeroyMeaghanQuinnJuliaQuinnEmilyRathHollyReneeOpalReyneCERicciK & BRitchieGreerRiversAlexaRiversARiversKateeRobertCassandraRobinsShainRoseElliottRoseRebeccaRossRunyxKennedyRyanLylaSageGenaShowalterElsieSilverSierraSimoneNaliniSinghKat SingletonTLSmithNikkiSt CroweAvinaSt GravesScarlettSt. ClairKandiSteinerTLSwanShantelTessierSJTillyQBTylerLilithVincentCharissaWeaksBrynneWeaverSEWendellGreta RoseWestClarissaWildWillowWintersPepperWintersHarper LWoods.... ANNNNND MORE....


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